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Zoobic Safari

As an animal and nature lover, Zoobic Safari was a place that I quickly fell in love with. Do not care about the summer heat, the cool sight of countless animals, tigers, and crocodiles was absolutely amazing! And if you love tigers, there is only one place in the country that you should not miss to visit, the Zoobic Safari right in the heart of Subic’s forest. Zoobic Safari is the only tiger safari in the Philippines! The tigers here are well taken care off. Each tiger usually eats 7-15 kilos of meat everyday! No wonder why these cats are huge! Besides tigers, the zoo houses different kinds of animals as well like snakes, birds,crocodiles, beavers, pigs and a whole lot more! Come visit Zoobic Safari and rekindle your animal side.

I have not gone to the zoo for awhile now.  My last visit was probably when I was three or five years old. I barely remember any thing right now. I just had photos of them.  One photo is that I am feeding the giraffes. I can't remember those but it's lovely and nostalgic at the same time.

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