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Petroglyphs in Philippines

Angono, Binangonan in the Philippines is where the oldest form of writing can be found which is called Petroglyphs.

Catanduanes Beach

Catanduanes is famous for its beaches such as Puraran, a promising surfing spot in the town of Baras. It is the home of the world-renowned majestic waves with its breathtaking long-barrel-type surf. Offshore waves are in their greatest shape during the months of August to September. Puraran or Baras, the surfing area also boasts of a magnificent view of mountains and coves. Photo enthusiasts could get a perfect view of the sunrise in this area. For holiday seekers, this is a place for total relaxation, communing with nature, and simply, rejuvenation and serenity. Other beaches are Twin Rocks, Amenia Beach, Kosta Alcantara, Emmalyn Paradise Resort, Balite Beach, Bosdak Beach Resort. 

Alcala in Pangasinan

What is known now as Alcala was then just a flourishing barrio of Bayambang formerly called Dangla, a vernacular term referring to a medicinal shrub which grows abundantly in the place. Alcala is a fourth class municipality in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. Alcala as the site of the field headquarters of General Malone of the United States Army during the outbreak of the Philippine-American War.

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