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Mystical Cave

Mystical Cave in Antipolo. This interesting large cave is just about 20 kilometers from Manila at the back side of Antipolo. It is being maintained by Inday Nelly who, guided by a prophetic dream from her childhood, bought the large parcel of land land of 450 hectares where the cave is located back in 1970.

The cave is actually already developed for site seeing so to speak. Steps have been constructed at the cave entrance, the cave floor has been filled with earth to level it substantially and rudimentary electric lighting has been introduced into the cave for the tourists. Thus, it may no longer be a spelunker's choice destination but it still is a very good destination for educational field trips.

The cave has a rather predominant religious influence. Numerous natural rock formations in the cave have been interpreted as religious figures and said to have healing powers. Much like how mystical Mount Banahaw attracts pilgrims, people go to this mystical cave to heal themselves.

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