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Daranak Falls

Daranak Falls nestles quietly at the foot of the Tanay Mountains, preserved with the natural vegetation, complemented with beautiful waterfalls, ponds, and rivers cascading through elaborate tropical trees and plants. This 14 meter high falls is truly a refreshing site. It is located at Tandang Kutyo in the town of Tanay.

Daranak's sign on the main highway on the  road was  a bit narrow and  there  was a  stretch of  unpaved  road.  Finally  when you reached the end of the road which was Daranak's parking lot for P20 per day. There were many picnickers swimming in the area of Daranak falls. Some were grilling their barbecues and fresh fishes in shaded areas near the river. The sight of Daranak falls was marvelous, thanks perhaps to the on and off rains.The water drop from the main falls was around 25-30 meters high. There is a smaller falls somewhere near the viewing deck, after descending from the stairs. The wind was strong so you can feel the gust of water droplets on your face. Which is bad for a lens change in the area. Further down the slope of boulders and rocky terrain leading to the edge of the water stream and catch basin.

Near Daranak is another falls, Batlag, from where the water gushing down Daranak falls is coming from. It is in a private property so another P20 per person is collected. To get there you will need to go back to the area where a small store and comfort/dressing room are located, then cross a small, make-shift wooden bridge across the river. The trail going up Batlag is cemented. You can reach the falls area after 15-20 minutes of walking. Batlag has a lot of small catch basins with mini-waterfalls.. The  river is shallow and the area is canopied by tall trees with some roots wrapped around the boulders and crawling above the soil. The place is not well maintained, though, as the picnic huts were already dilapidated, despite which, still the general area is a very refreshing sight to marvel..

Zoobic Safari

As an animal and nature lover, Zoobic Safari was a place that I quickly fell in love with. Do not care about the summer heat, the cool sight of countless animals, tigers, and crocodiles was absolutely amazing! And if you love tigers, there is only one place in the country that you should not miss to visit, the Zoobic Safari right in the heart of Subic’s forest. Zoobic Safari is the only tiger safari in the Philippines! The tigers here are well taken care off. Each tiger usually eats 7-15 kilos of meat everyday! No wonder why these cats are huge! Besides tigers, the zoo houses different kinds of animals as well like snakes, birds,crocodiles, beavers, pigs and a whole lot more! Come visit Zoobic Safari and rekindle your animal side.

I have not gone to the zoo for awhile now.  My last visit was probably when I was three or five years old. I barely remember any thing right now. I just had photos of them.  One photo is that I am feeding the giraffes. I can't remember those but it's lovely and nostalgic at the same time.

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