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Siete Pecados in Coron

After 30 minutes of boat ride we arrived at our first destination for the Coron Island Loop. Our first stop Siete Pecados Marine Park. The waves and winds are strong and our boatmen advise us to abandon it if it will still remain that way but we want to see the beauty underneath so we still proceed.

Not much picture here because of the strong winds and wave. This is one the best marine park I have ever been, rich in corals and lots of different species of fish and lots of sea urchin too. The beauty underneath makes Siete Pecados one of Coron's best sites for snorkeling.

Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is an island in the Philippines located at the western portion of the northern tip of Cebu Island. It is politically a part of the Province of Cebu. The island can be reached by ferry from Hagnaya Wharf in San Remigio, Cebu, or from Cebu City, or from Cadiz City in Negros Occidental.

Photo by Tomas Anderson

The Mansion

The Mansion in Baguio City is the vacation home of the President of the Philippines. Mostly, President stay during Christmas season. Visitor or tourist cannot go inside the premises.

Tourist can take picture only the gate and garden part. The guards let the people go inside but for picture taking purpose only. Aside from that there are many Sagada orange selling outside The Mansion.

Would like to visit The Mansion when the President is around. But for now, I just have to look afar from this place.

Sugong Hanging Coffins

I have been to Baguio and Benguet many times. But I really like to visit and have some vacation on Sagada. Sagada is a six hours ride from Baguio. And there are lots of nice place to visit in there especially when the weather is hot.

Aside on their well known cave, Sagada is known for Hanging Coffins. One of them is the Sugong Hanging Coffins. But you cannot go near those coffins because of high stones and cliffs you will encounter. Up to now, people from Sagada still hang their coffins on this hills and cliffs.

Photo by Rita Willaert

Mount Samat Cross

Mount Samat, Dambana ng Kagitingan, is located in Pilar, Bataan. It is a national monument dedicated to the victims of the Battle of Bataan. The centerpiece feature of this shrine is a 92 meter high white cross where people can actually climb into and go up, via elevator, to the viewing deck within the cross’ arms. And since the shrine is on top of Mount Samat, which is about 550 meters high, the view from the cross is quite impressive and the cross is also seen from miles around. 

There are also other structures surrounding the cross, including a helipad and the colonnade, which houses the museum. And basing from the zigzag road connecting the colonnade and the cross, there is some considerable climbing to do! 

Guiob Church

Ruins of Guiob Church that was destroyed at the same instance when the Sunken Cemetery sank. Ruins of the 16th-century old Guiob Church. The church’s columns are the only remaining remnants of the 1871 volcanic eruption. 

Rizal Park

Rizal Park is also known as the Luneta Park located at the heart of Manila. Almost all Manileno already visited this place. Because this is not just a park. The Philippines National Hero 's statue can be found in here, Dr Jose Protacio Rizal.

Aside from that Luneta Park is strategically located on the center of different well known place in Manila such as Quirino Grandstand, Manila Ocean Park, US Embassy, different schools and campuses..

I have been to Luneta Park many times. Not just a park but as a place to meet up ith my classmate.

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