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Loboc Floating Restaurant

One of Bohol’s well-known restaurants is the Loboc Floating Restaurants. The Loboc Floating Restaurants comprise of different boats that cruise along the Loboc River. Each boat has a different restaurant that basically offers a buffet-style, native Filipino cuisine. The price, which is about 300 pesos for adults, is basically the same for all boats, as the menu items are the only ones that differ. As the boat cruises along the river, guests can enjoy live music both inside the boat, and during stopovers, when they are serenaded by singing groups from Bohol. The restaurants are found near Loay Bridge near the Loboc River.

As the boat takes of, the buffet begins. On the middle table all kinds of Philippine delicacies are presented, and while eating, you can enjoy the lush green river landscape slowly sliding along your table. The small outboard engine works hard to move the vessel against the current. Life along the river side goes on as it must have done for centuries, with children swimming, people passing by in small bankas or canoes. On certain points along the trip, daring kids climb in a large coconut tree overhanging the river, and jump in the water very close to the floating restaurant.

The end of the trip, which takes about an hour is Busay Falls. The falls are not high, about one and a half meter at most, but mark the point where the floating restaurant cannot go any further, so here they stay for a while to allow the guest to look at the landscape. After some time, the return trip starts. Going downstream, we return much faster to our point of return.

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