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Anawangin Cove Tourist Destination

Anawangin is not your regular tourist destination. It does not offer the comforts of high end resorts in commercial beaches. It does, however, boast of its natural beauty and its amazing repertoire of landscapes and seascapes. 

According to locals, Anawangin was formed after Mt. Pinatubo's eruption in 1991. They say the pine forest was not present before and that the shore was much farther up than it is now. Anawangin comes from the Ilocano word "nuang" meaning carabao and Anawangin literally means "full of carabaos". Wild carabaos are once said to have been found in abundance in the area.

The crystal-clear waters of Anawangin becomes very evident once your boat enters the cove. The sea would turn from very dark blue to light greenish blue once you come near the shore. The water is so clear that on a moonlit night, you can still see your feet while swimming in the sea. There are times in a year when medium sized waves would form and add more fun to swimming in the water. 

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