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Hunongan Cove of Camarines Sur

Hunongan Cove is a place in Caramoan, Camarines Sur.

Lie in this place is a refreshing beach and sandplace. I really envy people who resides here  as they are closer to nature's gift. How to go here, I actually forgot. I am sleeping all the way, yeah know!

Going to Caramoan will take a long ride or a plane trip to Naga City, a shuttle to the town of Sabang, and almost two hours boat ride to the final stop.

Because Caramoan is not commercialized travel spot, there is no single resort in the area. There are, however, a couple of pension houses and a few homestays in the town center or the Sentro. Prices of homestays start at P150 pesos per head per night, depending on the facilities and haggling skills.

The first highlight of the trip would be the most accessible beach from the Sentro, Gota Beach, where you get to experience the strongest and most consistent waves in your entire beach life. The shores were in fact facing the Pacific Ocean and had amazing rock formations from both sides, with a few caves in certain areas. According to some..

Another spot worth visiting is the white patch of land called the Lajos or Lahos Island. From afar, the island looks like a flat white sheet, with two almost identical rocks on both sides. The Hunongan Cove is also a great beach if you want privacy among companions. Its sands are ideal for camping and frisbee, but whose waters are unfortunately surrounded by schools of jellyfish.

There is the Gotang Malaki, a bigger cove beside Gota beach, where some would decide to spend the night. A huge orange moon may appear brightly between two giant rock formations during fullmoon, and dozens of seagulls in the morning, speeding their way from the rocks to the clear blue waters of the beach.

Sabitan Laiya is one of the most popular spots in Caramoan because of the long stretch of white sand and large rock formations. About an hour away from Sabitan Laiya is Tayak Island, an island with an eerie lagoon in the middle. 

Our last stop would be Matukad Island, with sharp and layered rock formations similar to those in Lajos. Whether as a tourist or a backpacker, new destinations especially with great company and lesser crowds can really give a sense of energy and utmost fulfillment.

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