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Puka Beach of Boracay

Puka Beach is situated along the island's northern end, this 800-meter beach is made up of puka shells bleached white in the sun. Relatively uncrowded, the location gives you a feeling of remoteness, enhanced by towering craggy cliffs clad in coconut trees. Oh yes, it is. Pure nature for you, bro. It can be reached in 30 minutes by hired boat from White Beach of Boracay. What an easy!

In Pinoy's language, Puka means a small shell with a hole. Also known as Yapak Beach, this part of the Philippines is popularly known as Puka Beach due to its abundance of puka shells bleached white under the growling sun.

That's why when you buy a puka shell necklace, it'll surely has lots of holes in them. A story goes like this: The reason I am telling you this is because when I was up at Puka Beach on Boracay a few weeks ago, I heard an American girl ask her boyfriend “What does a wild puka look like?”

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