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Buruwisan Falls

Buruwisan Falls and Lanzones Falls are the most known of the several falls that can be found in Siniloan, Laguna. To reach these falls, one must have an approximate of two hour trek from barangay Macatad in Famy, Laguna. You must finish a number of uphill and downhill trails in Mt. Romelo to reach the campsite where several nearby falls can be found.

To get on Buruwisan Falls from  Ortigas-Rosario-Junction-Antipolo-Teresa-Tanay, you can chance upon a passing Infanta bound Bus from Raymond bus lines because it follows this route. It will pass by the National Road so this is the most convenient way of reaching Macatad in Famy, Laguna. Just ask the bus driver to drop you exactly at barangay Macatad. Roughly 100 pesos for the bus ride. In our way there, We took 2 Jeepney rides and a tricycle instead. 

In Macatad, by simply standing beside the road in that area where the bus dropped you off, trek guides will approach you. The guide will bring you to registration area where you'll pay 20 pesos as entrance fee. There you have the option to either ride a horse or hike by foot. Guide fee costs 200. I didn't ask for the horse fee because I know they're offered especially for the weighty climbers.

Trekking starts from the registration area. Along the trail, if my counting was right, you'll pass by five wooden shacks. The campsite is near as soon as you hear the waterfalls and you see the small streams of water. You will descend few meters more and there you'll find yourself greeted by the green waters of Buruwisan Falls.

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